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The Waikawa Marina extension is not far away from opening and now is the time to consider mooring systems so you're ready to go.

There are lots of different ways to secure your boat in its berth. The different methods will depend on your boat's propulsion, if you have crew or not and where you are in the marina.

Discuss your particular needs with us and we'll help you find the best solution.



We have a solid range of pontoon and boat mounted fenders to protect your boat and the berth from collision and simple rubbing damage.

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Not all lines are created equal; material, length, diameter, stretch, non stretch, attachments, eyes. Each has a purpose but talk to us about which is best for your situation.



The tying off of your boat could be a simple cleat or there are some great systems and tools out there to make the job easier and more secure. There's even a right way to tie off on a cleat.

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