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David Oddie founded Oddies Marine in 1982 and was the managing director until he sold the business to Aaron Blackmore in 2009.


Aaron comes from a lifetime of owning boats, ranging from fizz boats through to launches and yachts. Aaron is an experienced sailor and has a great knowledge base of all marine hardware and accessories.


Being a DIY boatie, his advice can assist you with projects ranging from boat maintenance to the most efficient sailing set up for your yacht.

It isn't a secret that Oddies Marine is on the market to be sold with Aaron having built the business up since he took ownership. 

Boating is booming in Marlborough and New Zealand. More than a decade of owning the business and it's just time to move onto something else. 

But it's also a perfect time for someone else to come in and make something else of Oddies Marine.

Giving Back
The Oddies Team

Aaron - with the caulking gun
Providing solutions for customers has been a major source of knowledge development on top of an extensive history of boat ownership. 

Aaron bought his first boat when he was still at school. He named it 'Sieve'; a 16' plywood doerupper. Sieve was followed by three successive fizz boat upgrades.

A two year dabble with a launch convinced him that he wanted to sail and bought a 31' Lidguard. Sixteen years of that and he wanted more speed. progressing to his current racing boat, 'Oldsmobile'. But living in the sounds, he wanted versatility and also owns a 44' launch.

Don - with the broom
A late starter to boating, Don kicked off with a small yacht while living in Whakatane. He moved on to a Noelex 22 for cruising with the family and to learn to sail. He upgraded to a Ross 650 for more family cruising and club racing.

When the kids left home he bought a Townsend 32 and then headed off on a late OE which lasted 9 years.

Arriving back in NZ he sold the Whakatane family home and moved to the Marlborough Sounds where he now owns a Davidson 28.

Don has an engineering background from being a fabricator/welder which has come in handy over the years.

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